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TANNIA E. ORTIZ-LOPÉS was born in Guayama, Puerto Rico and currently lives in Germany with her husband and two sons. She is a writer by profession, a mother by choice, and a wife by the covenant of marriage. She is author of the award winning book, _The Window To My Soul; My Walk with Jesus_ [1]_ _(2004 Tate Publishing) and its long-awaited Spanish translation, _El Espejo de mi Alma_ [2](2011 WinePress)_._ On May 1983 she graduated with honour and obtained an Associated Degree in Occupational Therapy from the University of Puerto Rico, Ponce Campus (CUTPO). On December 1988 she obtained a Bachelor Degree in Secretarial Sciences from the University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez Campus (R.U.M.). From 1988 until the year 2000, Tannia participated in the following Spanish poetry anthologies published by “El Editor Interamericano” located in Buenos Aires, Argentina: Americanto (1988), Poetas Hispanoamericanos Contemporaneos (1989), Patria Plural (1990), América Poética (1992),and Expoesía 2000 91996). These poems were published under the pen name of Thánatos Lopés. The author has also published her poetry and stories at “Storytime Tapestry Newsletter” and “Wt In Spirit” Christian Magazine, both located in Canada and at local newspapers in Puerto Rico. The Window To My Soul; My Walk With Jesus [3](ISBN 0-9753933-5-9 2044 TATE PUBLISHING) [3] [3]is a compendium of free-style inspirational poems, prayers and meditations. It is the author’s profession of her love for Jesus and of thanks to God for the many gifts and talents that He has given her. It also expresses her deep gratitude for God's sending His only begotten Son to die for her sins and allowing her and many more to find peace in Christ and an open door back to heaven. It is a total surrender to the teachings and guidance of the Holy Spirit during the study of the Scriptures. These poetic meditations are the author's way of pouring out her heart and soul while meditating on God's Word and the marvellous daily miracles in her life. “El Espejo de mi Alma (ISBN 1-4141-1439-7 2011 WINEPRESS PUBLISHING)_ is a__ remarkable and unique book, Tannia Ortiz-Lopés has created a spiritual legacy that will live in the hearts of all Christians until the end of time. Taking the Old Testament book of Job as her jumping-off point, Señora Ortiz-Lopés has responded to the philosophical queries raised, verse by verse, with her own prayers and aspirations. _ _This is a truly wonderful book, radiant, heartfelt, inspiring and insightful, that will not only gladden the hearts and sharpen the spirituality of all who read it, but provide solace for their hungry, seeking souls and instant entry into that luminous world of the Spirit where Christ Himself dwells.”__ _ John Howard Reid, prize-winning author, writing contests judge, publisher, editor, critic, and bookseller. Publisher of the Christian site, _Time with Tannia __( __http://timewithtannia.tripod.com/)_ [4], where she published authors interview and her book reviews for www.arxpub.com [5], www.booksneeze.com [6], www.catholicfiction.net [7], www.tumblarhouse.com [8], and others. [8] In addition to writing the author also enjoys the art of photography, singing, and song-writing. Her stock photography portfolio is located at: [7]http://www.bigstockphoto.com/profile/Boricua63/ [9] [7] Her photos related gift could be purchased at: http://www.zazzle.com/teolpuertorico [10] [7]

Book Reviews by Tannia Ortiz-Lopes

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Smokey Mountain Prayer

Smokey Mountain Prayer is the latest romance from award-winning author, Angela Pisaturo.

The story begins in Chicago with a farewell dinner for Dr. Margaret Kelly MacDougal who is returning home to Horseshoe Cove, Tennessee. Having recently graduated from veterinary school, Maggie yearns to continue the successful veterinary practice of her deceased father, Dr. James MacDougal. However, she is received with strong resentment from the local farmers and Josh, her high-school sweetheart. The farmers of this secluded, Baptist-dominated country town are very traditional regarding family roles and are outra...

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Eugenios: Servant of Kings

Julian Bauer's latest release, Eugenios, is a novel based on the evolving relationship of two Jewish families with some key Roman politicians and Jesus' family.

The book is divided into two sections. In the first one, the reader meets the

Jewish slave, Sphaerus, his wife, Kallisto, and their children: Eugenios, Theodoros, and Sarah. The second part describes the lives of their descendants, especially Eugenios's, whose role in Roman politics will affect all their extended families.

The story begins in 38 BC during the reigns of Emperor Augustus Octavian and Herod, govern...

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The Lawyer's Relic and A Grandfather's Dilemma

After the success of his first historical novella, The Scholar's Challenge, author Julian Bauer shares two short novellas in one book, The Lawyer's Relic and A Grandfather's Dilemma.

The first novella, The Lawyer's Relic, is an entertaining and educational novella about an agnostic lawyer, Mr. Antonio Mendoza, and his bizarre experiences with a relic.

The story begins with the mysterious appearance of a Christmas gift at Mr. Mendoza's office. The package was wrapped with a bloody napkin and had no sender's name or return address. Inside, he ...

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The Last Ark: First Omnibus Edition, Parts I-IV

The Last Ark, penned by author Jack Sky, is a twelve-book apocalyptic series based on the Third Secret revealed by the Virgin Mary to the children at Fatima. The books are available as individual volumes or in three omnibus editions, each one containing four books. This review is for books I-IV. 

The first book, “The Vision,” begins with a disturbing vision that comes to Marian Pope Petrus Romanus in the form of a dream. Once awake, he prays fervently for guidance. Through the protection and intersession of the Virgin Mary, he and his trusted team get the skilled workers and the funds...

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Centurion's Daughter

With his historical novel, Centurion's Daughter, author and illustrator Justin Swanton takes the reader to the decline of the great Roman Empire, and the rise of the Frankish Empire.

Seventeen-year-old Aemelia and her Frankish mother have lived in Reims all their lives. After her mother's death, Aemelia travels to Roman Gaul searching for her Roman father, Centurion Tarunculus, a man she has never seen and only knows through family lore.

As Aemelia reaches Gaul, she sees a crowd making fun of a man giving a patriotic discourse about Rome's greatness. After inquirin...

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The Soul Reader (1)

The Soul Reader is the long-awaited sequel of the award winning book, In-Sight, from extraordinary Catholic author Gerard Webster.

In the first book, Mr. Webster introduces three main characters: Ward McNulty,...

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Warning Miracle

Warning Miracle is the first book of the Right in Front series by John Klee. It is a futuristic story based on the Apparitions of our Lady of Carmel in Garabandal, Spain and her messages to 12-year-old Conchita Gonzalez from 1961 to 1965.

During that period the blessed Virgin of Carmel appeared many times, gave Conchita messages, and performed miracles in an effort ...

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Night Prayer: From the Office of the Dead

Night Prayer: from the Office of the Dead is author Brother Bernard Seif's newest release in the Brother Francis O'Neil mystery series. In this book, the author takes the main character to China on a dangerous and life-threatening quest.

Brother Francis is a clinical psychologist, a doctor of Chinese medicine, and a committed Salesian monk. He has dedicated most of his life to studying the Salesian Order's founders, St. Francis de Sales and St. Jane de Chantal.

Brother Francis' enthusiastic research and his skills as a historian take him away from the quiet of his monastery in Pennsy...

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Hiding the Stranger

The trilogy, Hiding the Stranger, by Joan L. Kelly is a very entertaining action story for teens, weaved with moral and family values.

Katie Rivers' discovery of an unconscious and wounded teenager at their family farm will take the Rivers family into a web of crime, kidnapping, and identity crisis.

"Sam,” as Katie names the stranger, is suffering from amnesia due to a head injury and needs medical attention. However, his visit to the Emergency Room with the Rivers' kids might have given some clues about his whereabouts to those desperately looking for him.

As the adv...

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Flit and the Avian Flock

With his book, Flit and the Avian Flock, author Kyle Metzger shares with his readers the story of the brave and determined hummingbird, Flit.

It is the time of the year when the Avian Flock meet for their annual Migratory Council at The Grand Aviary and report their findings concerning the Bird Kingdom, including the tragic death of two members, to General Rightwings. After the reports are given, Maka, Rightwings’s trusted assistant, announces a three-day competition among all birds to replace Albert and Sable.

Flit had always dreamed of becoming one of the hundred birds of t...

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Rachel's Contrition

Rachel's Contrition is Michelle Buckman's first women's fiction. The award-winning author shares with her readers the story of Rachel's ambition and rebound from a self-destructive lifestyle.

Rachel Winters came from a dysfunctional family. Raised by a single mother who had numerous partners, she grew up as an only child who never knew the identity of her father. Starved for love and attention, she becomes sexually active at the age of 14 and continues with her promiscuous behavior up to entering the university. During those teen years, Rachel learns the craft of manipulating, seducing, and satisfyi...

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Angel Fire

Angel Fire, by Mary Marshall, is a science fiction story with elements of religion, espionage, extra-terrestrial activities, prophecies, and mythology. The story begins with Captain Sorn and the surviving crew members of his battleship, Lieutenant Ont Zejen, and the android, Jennex, stranded and lost in space. While lingering in space, they encounter a space abnormality and drive the ship through it. Upon exiting, they find themselves thousands of light years away from their home planet, Tethra, and are astounded to be looking at the legendary planet Earth.

After analyzing Earth from their hidden...

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Out of the Depths

Out of the Depths is author William L. Biersach's fourth book in the cop-turned-priest mystery series featuring Fr. Baptist and his sidekick, Mr. Feeney. This story, however, differs from the others, since the author cleverly uses two chroniclers to narrate the series of events leading to an unexpected and rewarding end. Also the author eloquently exposes and mixes elements of treasure hunting, religious fanaticism, justice, and sainthood for the enjoyment and awakening of his readers.

The book begins with the appearance of an unidentified corpse found inside the former tomb of Saint Valeria. The de...

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Leave if You Can

Leave If You Can was originally written in German—Geh fort wenn du kannst—by author Luise Rinser and translated into English by Margaret Stevens. Ms. Rinser tells the story of Angelina and of her spiritual awakening after the devastation of Italy in World War II. We learn about the courageous young woman's struggles as her friend Giulia writes a letter tocAngelina's father.

Angelina and Giulia have been best friends since childhood and their religious beliefs are about to be ...

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Treasures in Clay Vessels

In her book, Treasures in Clay Vessels, author Angela T. Pisaturo brings to the historical romance reader a profound story of acceptance, discoveries, and healing.

The book cover shows an image of a woman looking from the distance at breaking waves on a beach near a lighthouse. This is a depiction of one key scene of the story that will take the main character in a series of real life voyages with an unforeseen end.

The book begins with the main character, Nellie Parker and her family having dinner with the entertaining and very creative aunt Nellie. Young Nellie's life abruptl...

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The Sinister Realm

The Sinister Realm is author T.J. Smith's masterpiece in the popular trilogy, The Quest of Dan Clay. The saga begins when Dan steps into A World Away and barely makes The Harrowing Escape back home. With The Sinister Realm the author brings the story to a phenomenal and thought-provoking end with life changing consequences.

The book cover shows the shadow of a being approaching a reddish, dirty and rocky tunnel lighted with torches. This is a depiction of one of the many tunnels that Dan and his companions must go through at The Sinister Realm while search...

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In Name Only

In her book, In Name Only, author Ellen Gable brings to her readers a romantic Cinderella story staged in Philadelphia in 1876.

The book's front cover shows two of Gable's distinct symbols: a ledger book and a photograph of a woman looking out a window. The back cover shows two men, Liam and David. The interaction of these men with Caroline, the main character, will change and shape her quiet and secure life.

The book begins with Caroline traveling from Boston to Philadelphia in a train, accompanied by her chaperone, Mrs. Shepherd. After the death of her father, Caroline finds herself...

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The Search for Saint Valeria

In his book, The Search for Saint Valeria, author William L. Biersach brings to the reader a creative mystery hunt for lost-and-found ancient relics where Fr. Baptist and his sidekick gardener, Mr. Feeney, find themselves searching for the dead among the living.

The book cover shows a young woman sitting near an open window praying silently while there is a silhouette approaching her room outside her house. These elements are part of the scheme of the Knights Tumblar, along with other unexpected collaborators and perpetrators, to return a valuable relic to the rightful owner.

The ...

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Ana Markovic

In his book, Ana Markovic, author David Murdoch brings to the reader a profound tale of redemption about a Yugoslavian woman and her family living in Canada.

The book cover shows the expressionless face and downcast eyes of a lonely, homeless woman, Ana Markovic, whose years of alcohol abuse have caused chaotic damage to her life, her loved ones, and, ultimately, the future of her soul.

The book begins at a city park where a stranger finds Ana Markovic motionless underneath a tree near a street corner. He checks her pulse and then calls 911 for assistance. While Ana is unconscious,...

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The award winning action-drama novel In-Sight, written by author Gerard D. Webster, stands out among other Catholic books in this genre.

The book begins with Carrie Hope's dad's last words to her before dying in the hospital...

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In her latest release, Gaea, author Robina Williams joins the latest trend and goes green.

The book begins with a man dragging and kicking the body of a woman inside a ditch. Gaea, the Earth goddess, is unconscious, weak, and in severe distress due to men's constant brutal abuse and disrespect regarding nature's cycles and equilibrium. The animals of the forest are in awe at the scene unfolding in front of their eyes.

Quant comes into the scene disguised as Leo. He observes Gaea's condition and decides to help her. Together they go for a walk to the friary. During their...

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Dominion I: Seed

Seed is the first of seven books in the apocalyptic epic series Dominion written and published by Compasse. The book cover displays prophetic symbols, such as the morning star with dark stormy clouds moving fast to overshadow it, and a field where a battered and pregnant woman plants a seed, representing a promise of love and loyalty towards one of the children in her womb.
The book is divided in 23 short but intense chapters. Each chapter begins with a famous quote, an excerpt from classical work, or a news report segment preparing the reader for the events to unfold in the following pages...

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The Passion of Mary-Margaret

In her book, The Passion of Mary-Margaret, author Lisa Samson tells an entertaining, uplifting, and encouraging story where the gifts of the Spirit are manifested by the main characters as they lead us to a better understanding of Jesus' Divine Mercy.

The book cover shows a picture of a lighthouse in the background and a religious sister holding a wooden rosary in her left hand, dressed on a white jacket and skirt set.  The sky is blue, the sun is shining, and the grass is bright green. These symbols of peace, hope, trust, and faith are key elements in the development of the story....

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A World Away: The Quest of Dan Clay (Book One)

A World Away is author T.J. Smith's first book in the Quest of Dan Clay series, a leap of faith saga to save a missing older brother from an evil parallel world.

The book cover shows a gloomy castle standing on the top of a mountain, surrounded by creepy trees and a bewitched full moon, as if to say to uninvited visitors: beware, beware, beware...!

Dan Clay is a high school senior who looks like a nerd. He is smart, shy, wears glasses, and his non-athletic body makes him the perfect target for the two known school bullies, Sur and Ma...

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Emily's Hope

 In her book, Emily's Hope, author Ellen Gable tells the story of Emily Greer and a hidden and disturbing family secret.  

The book starts with Emily, married with children, riding in an ambulance to the hospital's emergency room due to pregnancy complications. In the middle of this turmoil, her husband, Jason, looks at her with profound and comforting eyes, sending a loud and clear message of love, which could only be heard and understood by them.  

This preamble is indicative to the reader that ''Emily's Hope'' is not an...

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The Sacred Bones

In his debut novel, The Sacred Bones, author Michael Byrnes brings us a fascinating mix of myths, legends, and themes of today in a controversial story full of intrigue, conspiracy, murder, modern technology, and religion--the perfect combination for a breathtaking story.

The book opens with the story of the Knights of the Temple and their duties regarding the Church and its secrets. The story then moves forward and the suspense starts in present-day Jerusalem. A relic is stolen from beneath The Temple Mount leaving behind death, destruction, and confusion. Both Muslims and Jews are blam...

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The new book from Robina Williams, Angelos, will keep you reading beyond your bedtime! I was unable to put it down. The author has an entertaining way of embracing complex topics such as time-traveling, life after death, Greek mythology, legends, and Catholic theology braided with philosophy and mysticism. She also uses two famous paintings to bring the book to its climax!

This Young Adult book is suitable for teens and adults. I do not, however, recommend it for children under 13 years of age, since they are not mature enough yet to understand some of the book's themes.

The bo...

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Infinite Space, Infinite God

Infinite Space, Infinite God, edited by Karina and Rob Fabian, is an anthology of Sci-Fi stories organized in seven chapters. Each chapter begins with an explanation of some Catholic issues, with a brief summary of the stories and how the characters deal with them. It is proper to mention that the reader needs to be prepared for a ride into a world beyond their imagination, lead by a group of very crafty writers. Many of the stories have open endings, which makes me think the authors have a sequel or a series of stories in mind.

I have chosen several stories to tease your cur...

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