Anumar's Fall Book II: Paradise Lost

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Date Published: August 4, 2013
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Ugo Ezeani's book Anumar's Fall Book II: Paradise Lost is about a raging war over the Blessed Seat in Paradise, perhaps better known to us as Heaven. Book II: Paradise Lost is the sequel to Anumar's Fall Book I: Prophecy.

The basic concept is that Amadon, highest of the gods, currently holds the Blessed Seat. His brother Onigon wants the Blessed Seat and will war with him to obtain his goal. However Amadon cannot be dethroned as long as he has the loyalty of Kinra, his daughter, The Watcher of Love and Beauty. In Book I of Anumar, Kinra's star fell to earth and a young mortal woman known as Natoya was raised in a village by adoptive parents in the Southlands.

Possessing exceptional fighting skills, Natoya is sent to rescue village children abducted by the people of Zai who want to sacrifice them to a different god. The children were saved but Natoya is captured. She makes a miraculous escape by surviving a leap into the Maiden River.

Book II: Paradise Lost opens with a detailed battle among the beastgods, creatures who cannot die but whose war exacts severe destruction upon the earth. Others become embroiled in battle in heaven as well as earth while we continue with Natoya's story.

Natoya, who is Kinra the Heavenborn, fights to find her way back home to her mother and the boy, who believe her to be dead. She must journey through many lands to obtain passage to her home in the Northlands. Among her major challenges, she must fight in the King's Contest, possibly to the death, in an attempt to win passage home. If she wins, she is assured a ship and safe passage.

Ugo Ezeani's vast universe is elaborate with a hierarchy of gods and goddesses who are fighting amongst themselves and choosing sides. These divinities are divided into different groups, including celestians, the Five Children, beastgods – who are part human and part animal and have been fighting for 500 years. Although these beastgods can be maimed, they heal, regrow limbs and cannot die.

The most powerful of the 15 clans in the book is the Akurim Clan. We also have Watchers – which consists of individuals who are each a type of god. These Watchers oversee various aspects of human life aided by mediators and vassals, also known as subordinate watchers. There are two Pantheons of watchers – one celestial – which number approximately 40 and beastgod watchers which number approximately 35.

There are also The Hosts – which appear to be a force of soldiers known as clouds for Amadon and floods for his brother Onigon – as well as spirit-keepers and others who volunteer to join in. We also learn about mortals on earth. The terminology of the characters, customs, locations, fighting styles, prisons, clothing, as well as other elements are vast and well detailed in the story.

It was somewhat difficult for me to connect to the story line in the beginning of this book for I had not read Anuman Book 1. Book II has a summary of Book I but then opens in the middle of a detailed battle between the beastgods, The storyline became more clear several chapters into the book.

There is a glossary at the end of the book and I suggest that readers familiarize themselves with these terms and characters which number well over a hundred before they start to read.

From a Catholic prospective, this book does not contain explicit aspects of cultural Catholicism – its sacramental life, prayer, etc. But it does have Catholic elements, such as the importance of striving for Heaven, the battle between good and evil, the existence of angels as well as mortals.

If you enjoy fantasy, and classical Greek literature as well as descriptive epic battles, rich with details, you will enjoy Anumar's Fall Book II: Paradise Lost, but I suggest you start with Book I Anumar's Fall Book I:Prophecy.

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