Angel Fire

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Category: Contemporary
Date Published: August 6. 1996
Number of Pages: 378
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Angel Fire, by Mary Marshall, is a science fiction story with elements of religion, espionage, extra-terrestrial activities, prophecies, and mythology. The story begins with Captain Sorn and the surviving crew members of his battleship, Lieutenant Ont Zejen, and the android, Jennex, stranded and lost in space. While lingering in space, they encounter a space abnormality and drive the ship through it. Upon exiting, they find themselves thousands of light years away from their home planet, Tethra, and are astounded to be looking at the legendary planet Earth.

After analyzing Earth from their hidden out-of-space location, Captain Sorn and Lieutenant Zejen decide to infiltrate the planet using the identities of Richard Saxon and Frank Nelson, respectively. Once adjusted to life on Earth, they will continue to study the planet, find parts to fix their ship, and go back home. Once on Earth, Jennex will be their only contact with the ship. The android will stay on board repairing and manning the ship, doing further research on Earth, and transmitting relevant information to Richard and Frank. While gathering data one day, Jennex discovers the Research Organization for the study of Extra-terrestrials (ROSET). It hacks into the organization's computer and becomes fully aware of the life-threatening danger ROSET represents to their safety and survival on Earth.

When Captain Sorn meets Selina Devon and Father John Fisk, a spiritual battle begins between the forces of good and evil on heaven and Earth. The Archangels and angels led by the Archangel Michael must protect Richard, Selina, and Fr. Fisk from the evil forces led by Natas, the demon. His evil doers will use all their wicked power and tricks to prevent the fulfillment of an ancient Tethra's prophecy.

Richard Saxon's encounters with ROSET's despicable operative and Natas' puppet Max Traytur will keep him and Selina alert and constantly on the run throughout the story.

Captain Sorn feels torn between two worlds. He must endure pain, loss, and rebirth to discover the truth. He also must grow in experience and knowledge to save his planet Tethra and his newly discovered home, Earth.

One of the biggest weaknesses of the story is its excessive similarity to famous science fiction programs such as Star Trek, Deep Space Nine, and Lost in Space. However, the vivid and grasping scenes involving Max Traytur will allow the reader to feel the pain this character inflicts on others.

Angel Fire is a book for Catholics looking for an alternative to popular science fiction books. However, its aspects of religion might be, at times, too overwhelming for non-Catholics or readers sensitive to stories with religious content.

ISBN-13: 978-1568145259
Original Language: English
Book Dimensions: 8.4 x 5.4 x 1 inches

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TANNIA E. ORTIZ-LOPÉS was born in Guayama, Puerto Rico and currently lives in Germany with her husband and two sons. She is a writer by profession, a mother by choice, and a wife by the covenant of marriage. She is author of the award winning book, _The Window To My Soul; My Walk with Jesus_ [1]_ _(2004 Tate Publishing) and its long-awaited Spanish translation, _El Espejo de mi Alma_ [2](2011 WinePress)_._ On May 1983 she graduated with honour and obtained an Associated Degree in Occupational Therapy from the University of Puerto Rico, Ponce Campus (CUTPO). On December 1988 she obtained a Bachelor Degree in Secretarial Sciences from the University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez Campus (R.U.M.). From 1988 until the year 2000, Tannia participated in the following Spanish poetry anthologies published by “El Editor Interamericano” located in Buenos Aires, Argentina: Americanto (1988), Poetas Hispanoamericanos Contemporaneos (1989), Patria Plural (1990), América Poética (1992),and Expoesía 2000 91996). These poems were published under the pen name of Thánatos Lopés. The author has also published her poetry and stories at “Storytime Tapestry Newsletter” and “Wt In Spirit” Christian Magazine, both located in Canada and at local newspapers in Puerto Rico. The Window To My Soul; My Walk With Jesus [3](ISBN 0-9753933-5-9 2044 TATE PUBLISHING) [3] [3]is a compendium of free-style inspirational poems, prayers and meditations. It is the author’s profession of her love for Jesus and of thanks to God for the many gifts and talents that He has given her. It also expresses her deep gratitude for God's sending His only begotten Son to die for her sins and allowing her and many more to find peace in Christ and an open door back to heaven. It is a total surrender to the teachings and guidance of the Holy Spirit during the study of the Scriptures. These poetic meditations are the author's way of pouring out her heart and soul while meditating on God's Word and the marvellous daily miracles in her life. “El Espejo de mi Alma (ISBN 1-4141-1439-7 2011 WINEPRESS PUBLISHING)_ is a__ remarkable and unique book, Tannia Ortiz-Lopés has created a spiritual legacy that will live in the hearts of all Christians until the end of time. Taking the Old Testament book of Job as her jumping-off point, Señora Ortiz-Lopés has responded to the philosophical queries raised, verse by verse, with her own prayers and aspirations. _ _This is a truly wonderful book, radiant, heartfelt, inspiring and insightful, that will not only gladden the hearts and sharpen the spirituality of all who read it, but provide solace for their hungry, seeking souls and instant entry into that luminous world of the Spirit where Christ Himself dwells.”__ _ John Howard Reid, prize-winning author, writing contests judge, publisher, editor, critic, and bookseller. Publisher of the Christian site, _Time with Tannia __( __ [4], where she published authors interview and her book reviews for [5], [6], [7], [8], and others. [8] In addition to writing the author also enjoys the art of photography, singing, and song-writing. Her stock photography portfolio is located at: [7] [9] [7] Her photos related gift could be purchased at: [10] [7]

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Sign-up for this free weekly e-newsletter and receive the free article - "What is Catholic Fiction?" Read the weekly column The Catholic Imagination and You and more.